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What are the Top 5 Distinctive Features of Salesforce Lightning You Should Learn?

Inculcating advanced skills and technologies is always helpful for sustained career development in an organization. Salesforce lightning is the innovative concept that enlightens business run. Progressive coding and automotive processes are involved in Salesforce lightning that should be learned in order to cope up well with the business processes in the organization.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce lightning is the advanced platform that simplifies various business processes. Even users, who do not have programming experience, can use and implement marvelous applications with Salesforce lightning. It is an extreme framework that helps developing apps through Salesforce.com. The lightning activities ensure easy access so that even business users who do not have programming experience can also go through it well for successful applications. It's engaged to provide customized solutions quickly anywhere.

 features of salesforce lightning

Top 5 Features of Salesforce Lightning

Here are some of the Salesforce lightning features that make it prominent to be used in organizations worldwide. It's inevitable for one to have Salesforce lightning training in Hyderabad as most of the companies have been implementing this characteristic platform for advanced and easy applications.

1- Lightning Experience

Lightning experience is a graphical user interface (GUI) which is standardized for speed - it ensures quick and accurate processes within no time. Sales reps are enabled to be sold faster - more productive deliveries are associated with the customers. Various innovative and redesigned pages are introduced in the Salesforce lightning experience so that records are found quickly, and reports and dashboards are created easily. Multiple tools such as dashboards, calendar, feeds, reports, etc. can be accessed through easy navigation and click the icons. Object manager of the lightning experience helps in accessing different functions like fields, validation rules, page layouts and so on through a single page.

This new interface enables a better user experience; assures customized dashboards; keeps track of past and future activities; and so on. Therefore, learning various concepts of lightning experience by Salesforce lightning training can help you to better your performance in the workplace.

2- Lightning App Builder

As the name suggests, it is engaged to build and develop creative applications - simple drag and drop facilities are involved to make customized apps for successful businesses. This feature enables one to relocate the lighting components for mobile and computer applications through three segments - pre-built components from Salesforce Org, various components from Lightning Exchange which are built by different Salesforce partners, and its custom components.

3- Lightning Component Framework

It is an extensive UI framework including various tools and technologies intended for the development of dynamic web pages for desktop and mobile services. Single-page applications are supported through the Salesforce lightning component framework showcasing the ideal growth in engineered applications. Leading technologies of JavaScript and Apex are used in its multi-tier components which help in connecting the client and the server. Open source Aura framework is its outstanding component that ensures app building independent on the data in Salesforce.

4- Lightning Design System

It is an impressive design system that is engaged to provide best practices in user experience and style guide for app development. It shows various patterns and components that constitute to provide excellent Lightning Experience. Upon design of the apps, it showcases the consistent look that's fantastic and user-friendly in Salesforce ecosystem. Ready-to-go interface elements through HTML and CSS codes are utilized for this design system.

This system also ensures accessible markup that serves as a foundation for application development. Management of ARIA, keyboard behavior, and others are also checked with this. Delightful experience is provided with specialized animation and motion effects of Salesforce lightning design system.

5- Lightning Connect

Data from an external source can be integrated through Force.com through the integration tool Salesforce Lightning Connect. Data from SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft can be accessed in real time and also integrated. It, therefore, helps in connecting the external object which is not stored in Salesforce. However, the data source is provided by a specific protocol and web server. Configuring an external data source, a creation of relationships to integrate external objects, integration of external objects with Chatter feature, and so on are the major concepts to be learned in Lightning Connect.

Never ending concepts arise with advanced Salesforce Lightning features, and hence be sure to learn them by efficient Salesforce lightning training, Bright future is followed by the successful training in Salesforce and it's related advanced and updated topics.