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About Course

In this Cloud Computing world, DevOps gained prominence in small, medium, and large scale IT companies. Capital Info Solutions enables DevOps training and includes an important segment of Scripts. This will be an excellent chance for a varied group of professionals and also freshers to get sufficient knowledge of DevOps tools and progress in their career.

Scripting Languages or Scripts

It is a program run by the Unix Shell. It is used for file manipulation, text printing, and also program execution. It has the capability to add comments and shortcuts. It has a spectacular role when suitably used by DevOps professionals.


It is a short form of Yaml Ain’t Markup Language. It is a data serialization language used for interaction with other programming languages. Developers or software professionals dealing with XML, JSON, and other markup languages can learn Yaml and create wonderful insights in app development. It helps to deal with common cases like configuration files, cross-language sharing files, data sharing, and log files.

DSL – Groovy

It is a top scripting language used by DevOps professionals. It is a programming language that is easily understandable – so even non-technical guys can learn it fast without tension. It is based on the Java platform – so if you are adept in Java skills, then learning Groovy is so easy.

It’s worthy to avail Scripts training in Ameerpet from Capital Info Solutions. Our training experts, mentors, and supporting staff provide outstanding training facilities to shine your relevant software skills. We are privileged to train hundreds of experienced professionals and freshers as well and help them add new skills list in their resume.


As you know, nowadays there is no limit for anyone to get restricted to one particular discipline. Whatever, the education may be, it is only the interest of the individual which makes a person land in a stable career. DevOps includes departments of developers and Ops team. It is also supported by automation. So people having B.E, B.Tech, MBA, MCA, B.Sc, M.Sc or any other degree interested in IT can get DevOps training. It is also beneficial for developers, testers, or Ops/Systems admins. So, opt Capital Info Solutions as it is the best institute for DevOps training in Hyderabad.


1:- Can I attend a demo session?

Answer:- Of course, we provide demo sessions to make you aware of the DevOps concepts that are included in the training course. You can have an outlook on the training-related materials, presentations, projects, instructors, etc.

2:- Do you provide placement assistance?

Answer:- We do aid the trainees to get prepared for the interviews and shine their skills to get better placements.

3:- What system requirements are needed for taking the DevOps training course?

Answer:- You need system requirements of –

  • Windows / Mac / Linux PC
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM and 20 GB HDD Storage
  • Windows / CentOS / Redhat / Ubuntu / Fedora

4:- How will I execute the practicals?

Answer:- You will be executing the practicals of DevOps training in the cloud. We will also help you setup the instance in the cloud and work on it.

5:- Do you provide classroom and online training for DevOps?

Answer:- Yes, we offer DevOps classroom and online training.

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