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About Course

Capital Info Solutions enables DevOps and Cloud Computing - it is an eminent training institute offering marvellous DevOps training including Continuous Integration Training and Continuous Delivery Training in Hyderabad.

With astonishing technological and software progressions, DevOps has become a preferred and an excellent choice for organizations today. Spectacular development pace is evident concerning for the development and use of smart web and mobile applications and services

DevOps processes of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery play a very important role in exactly providing outstanding apps that can be easily used by any technical or non-technical users. Software developers who are splendidly interested to improve their career can learn the relative automation tools and increase their performance.

What is Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration (CI) in software development of DevOps includes frequent check-ups of the integration of the code into the shared repository. Followed by awesome automated test cases, bug-free code is developed. Early bug detection, reduced bug count, automation processes, cost-effective methodologies, and transparency are the best benefits of CI.

What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous Delivery (CD) is nothing but the provision of all necessary changes to the final production environment. New features, reduced risk, error fixes, configuration changes, and so on are perfectly possible with the Continuous Delivery automation tools.

Specified DevOps Tools Training

Capital Info Solutions avails the best training in CI and CD automation tools. We are superior in providing training in certain important CI and CD automation tools like –


Jenkins is one of the most important DevOps automation tools used in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. It’s an open-source Java-based tool that is characteristic with outstanding extensibility, flexibility, and reliability. With these special features, Jenkins is highly preferable for different varieties of projects.

It can deal with high distributions and so the best choice for high integration and delivery projects. It even assures faster app delivery and, therefore, suitably used for large organizations. The software developers need to excel in Jenkins applications and act smartly to enhance various steps of built, test, stage, deployment, integration, and delivery of software development life cycle. Our specialized Continuous Integration Training course includes several important topics including Jenkins to sharpen your development skills.


GitHub, the prominent DevOps tool, enables hosting for the software development version control. With special repositories, it allows the respective processes of software development life cycle in an automated means.


It’s also one of the top-most DevOps tools used by many organizations. With this prominent automated source code management tool, one can easily track the development processes, experiment with new features and retain the best ones.

It helps the developers and operators to release developed products at a faster pace. With the aligned combination of Git with certain other tools like Jenkins, one can improve the continuous integration and continuous delivery processes of DevOps. This will, of course, be the cost-effective option for software firms.


It is also an open-source tool that allows centralized version control means. This coding tool is useful for software professionals as it enables easier performance in changes. It also accommodates special provisions for deleting, adding, copying, and renaming the folders for different versions. Thereby, it becomes easy for users to detect and use the control versions. When compared to others, Subversion is an economical option for software developers.


It’s also an open-source Java-based tool that helps to build processes of SFLC. It works as a comprehension tool and allows the developers to understand the dependencies of the software project. As it also works as a project management tool, it helps you in defining the build-up of a project. Developers can also work with certain other technologies like C#, Ruby, and so on along with Maven to get outstanding results. So, obtaining enough knowledge of this tool will help you a lot.


Another important software tool, Ant, is popularly used by DevOps users. It is an automation tool meant for software build. Its specifically handles platform-specific properties like file separators. Furthermore, with its automation means, it accomplishes repetitive competitive building tasks effectively and quickly. It is based on XML and if you have enough knowledge in it, then it’s easy to learn Ant.


Anyone interested to develop their career in DevOps and Software industry can learn this course and cherish great professions. This automation technological training is helpful for technical as well as non-technical guys. It is open for -
Project Managers
IT professionals
Anyone interested in DevOps

Why Us?

Capital Info Solutions has a specialized team to offer the best CICD Training in Ameerpet Hyderabad. Our course syllabus includes significantly important topics that meet current industrial demands. Our professionals expertise having real-time experience in DevOps help the trainees to attain the best DevOps skills. With magnificent theoretical and practical sessions, we assure 100% quality training to one and all.


1:- Can I attend a demo session?

Answer:- Of course, we provide demo sessions to make you aware of the DevOps concepts that are included in the training course. You can have an outlook on the training-related materials, presentations, projects, instructors, etc.

2:- Do you provide placement assistance?

Answer:- We do aid the trainees to get prepared for the interviews and shine their skills to get better placements.

3:- What system requirements are needed for taking the DevOps training course?

Answer:- You need system requirements of –

  • Windows / Mac / Linux PC
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM and 20 GB HDD Storage
  • Windows / CentOS / Redhat / Ubuntu / Fedora

4:- How will I execute the practicals?

Answer:- You will be executing the practicals of DevOps training in the cloud. We will also help you setup the instance in the cloud and work on it.

5:- Do you provide classroom and online training for DevOps?

Answer:- Yes, we offer DevOps classroom and online training.

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