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Best DevOps Training with Certification in Hyderabad, India

DevOps training in Hyderabad can be well achieved from Capital Info Solutions. Excellent tools and techniques are adopted by DevOps which arose as a consequence of IT developments.

Effective application of IT services has become prosperous today in most of the industrial organizations. However, planning, development and delivery of products and services following IT operations have been developing yet facing some issues due to isolated work of development and operations team. DevOps arose with an aim to put an end to these issues. A change in IT culture is brought about by DevOps which is considered as an extension to Agile Software development. However, the performance of these with highly skilful tools and management of DevOps turns the organization as a successful one.

What is DevOps?

The word DevOps includes two concepts– Development and Operations. Well-defined, planned practices; and effective communication and collaboration between developers and operators are the main characteristics of DevOps. It ensures effective project management philosophy and optimal running of software without any problems.

Different stages of development, testing, integration, deployment and delivery methods are carried out continuously in DevOps lifecycle. Effective programming tools have been developed to ensure the right processes. For instance, if any error rises in the integration of a tool or platform to the real environment, then it can be immediately sent back to the development team. Simultaneous operations are done with proper collaboration with development team. So, this reduces the wastage of time and resources, thereby ensuring fast and effective deliveries of services.

DevOps is, therefore, considered to develop and deploy effective software services quickly in support of the continuous automation, thereby ensuring fast business processes. It is an important and mandatory culture to ultimately ensure enjoying customer satisfaction.

Various concepts of cloud computing, DevOps tools, Source Code Management tools, Lifecycle of DevOps, and its workflow are included in DevOps training from us. Our professional experts are well talented implementing effective modes and strategies of teaching. We have great trainers providing guidance and instructions while training and working with real-time projects or case studies. DevOps training enhances your knowledge and skills improving your chances to get better job opportunities. so, reach us for the best training in DevOps.

Course Duration

  • Duration : 2 Months
  • Session Timings: As per both convenience
  • Payment Options: Online or Cash

About Trainer

The one who is willing to avail DevOps training from Capital Info Solutions is, in fact, lucky enough to get trained from the best trainer – Mr. Krishna. He is highly talented and experienced in DevOps, Chef, Puppet, etc. His technological and tutoring mastery is outstanding. He is adept in providing DevOps online and classroom training. Through the online module, you won’t experience the feel of being distant from the trainer – his instructor-led online sessions are highly inspirational and effective. Brushing the previous sessions, he dives into the new topics – each and every new topic is explained well with spectacular real-time examples. The training from such tech-savvy and professional trainer enables one not only just to crack the interviews but also to work with confidence in the corporate world.

DevOps online and classroom training by Mr. Krishna is highly effective for technical and non-technical guys as well. Therefore, you can definitely become a skillful warrior in DevOps technology. Hurry up and contact us to get free demo details on DevOps.


As you know, nowadays there is no limit for anyone to get restricted to one particular discipline. Whatever, the education may be, it is only the interest of the individual which makes a person land in a stable career. DevOps includes departments of developers and Ops team. It is also supported by automation. So people having B.E, B.Tech, MBA, MCA, B.Sc, M.Sc or any other degree interested in IT can get DevOps training. It is also beneficial for developers, testers, or Ops/Systems admins. So, opt Capital Info Solutions as it is the best institute for DevOps training in Hyderabad.

Course Outline

Devops Tools Covered
    • Docker
    • Chef
    • Puppet
    • Ansible
    • Jenkins
    • Linux
    • Vagrant
    • Maven
    • SVN
    • ANT
    • GIT
    • Kibana
    • Logstash
    • Nagios
    • Git
    • ITIL Process

  • Devops Overview
    • • Why Devops
      • Organizational view
      • Stakeholders view
      • Developers/ Testers view
      • Operations view
      • DevOps definition

  • Agile and SDLC
    • • Introduction
      • Phases
      • Roles

  • DevOps and Agile
    • • Overview
      • Roles of Dev team
      • Roles Ops team

  • How effective DevOps is!

  • Roles and responsibilities

    • • Who is a DevOps engineer
      • what he does
      • Other teams to communicate
      • Automate

  • Overview of DevOps Automation
    • • Introduction
      • Build tools
      • Source code management/version control tools
      • Configuration tools
      • Monitoring tools
      • Continuous Integration
      • Continuous Testing
      • Continuous Deployment
      • Planning
      • Issue Tracking
      • Types of environments
Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Computing Models
    • • Software As A Service (SAAS)
      • Platform As A Service(PAAS)
      • Infrastructure As A Service(IAAS)
      • Understanding Public, Private and Hybrid clouds
      • Cloud Computing Benefits
      • Cloud Computing Challenges
      • DevOps in Cloud

  • Linux
    • • Commands • Files and hierarchy • Remote server access using ssh • Bash Scripting
    DevOps Tools

  • Build Tools

  • ANT

  • Maven
  • Source Code Management Tools

  • SVN (Subversion)

  • Git
  • Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins

  • Jenkins Introduction

  • Installation and configuration

  • Managing Jenkins

  • Creating Application Builds

  • Plugins

  • Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration and Testing

  • Finding and Managing Plugins

  • Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins

  • Jenkins Introduction

  • Installation and configuration

  • Managing Jenkins

  • Creating Application Builds

  • Plugins

  • Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration and Testing

  • Finding and Managing Plugins

  • Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline

  • Upcoming Batches

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    1:- Can I attend a demo session?

    Answer:- Of course, we provide demo sessions to make you aware of the DevOps concepts that are included in the training course. You can have an outlook on the training-related materials, presentations, projects, instructors, etc.

    2:- Do you provide placement assistance?

    Answer:- We do aid the trainees to get prepared for the interviews and shine their skills to get better placements.

    3:- What system requirements are needed for taking the DevOps training course?

    Answer:- You need system requirements of –

    • Windows / Mac / Linux PC
    • Minimum 2 GB RAM and 20 GB HDD Storage
    • Windows / CentOS / Redhat / Ubuntu / Fedora

    4:- How will I execute the practicals?

    Answer:- You will be executing the practicals of DevOps training in the cloud. We will also help you setup the instance in the cloud and work on it.

    5:- Do you provide classroom and online training for DevOps?

    Answer:- Yes, we offer DevOps classroom and online training.

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