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Automation Framework Training in Hyderabad

Capital Info Solutions is one of the best institutes for Automation framework training in Hyderabad. As you know, automation framework is utmost important for testing processes. Software testing involving automation gives successful results. Specific automation framework is required to take care of testing aspects like application-under-test, test data, test cases, test environment, etc. Automation framework is nothing but a set of protocols or guidelines, which when followed produce better results in testing activity.

As the name suggests, automation framework involves automation that erases the errors done by manual testing and so improves accuracy. It's efficient, consistent, reliable, and maintains unique programmability and also shelf life. It allows transparent reporting to right audience. Properly designed test automation frameworks can be reused and they also minimize cost of maintenance. Based on your purpose, you can pertain to different types of automation frameworks such as linear scripting framework, data driven testing framework, hybrid testing framework and so on. At Capital Info Solutions, you can get the best training in these concepts.

Go through the course content in detail and join the next batch of training to become successful in your testing career.


Today, organizations related to varied fields use system specific softwares for different purposes. Thereby various testing procedures are obvious and there is a need for automation framework in such firms. So, graduates of software, management, commerce, political, and many others can learn this course from us.

Developers, testers, and anyone who is interested in IT prospects can learn Automation Framework.

Course Outline

Automation Framework
  • What is Framework?
  • Why we need to implement framework?
  • Different types of Frameworks?
TestNg and Data Driven Framework
  • Overview of Data driven framework
  • Building the Test Base Class
  • Using Annotations of TestNg
  • Reading XPATHS, Configuration from properties file
  • Initialize the Webdriver
  • Implementing WebDriver Implicit Wait
  • Implementing tests and batch running them
  • Repeating a test with different Data
  • Implement logging with Log4J API
  • Building utility functions
  • Parameterizing tests using XL Files
  • Controlling Execution order from XL Files
  • Assertions and Reporting Errors
  • Storing Screenshots of errors
  • Running the framework through ANT
  • Generating the XSLT reports
  • Creating a BAT file for project execution
  • Managing huge data in xls
TestNg and Keyword Framework
  • What is keyword?
  • How to decide Keyword?
  • Building XLS File Having Test Cases and Keywords
  • Building XLS File Having Test Data
  • Building Base class
  • Reading XPATHS, Configuration from properties file
  • Implementing WebdriverWait
  • Implementing the keywords using the reflection API
  • Implementing tests
  • Assertions and Reporting Errors
  • Add data with Keyword framework
  • Add ANT with Framework
  • Generate XSLT Reports
  • Run Batch file
  • Integrate with Continous Integration file using Jenkins
  • Send email notofication for unstable build
  • Send TestNG Testcases in the Jenkins
POM with Page factory
  • Why page object pattern and its advantages
  • How to create object repository
  • Creating page object classes
  • Invoking PageObjects methods in testcases
  • Live Example on Page Object Pattern
  • Creating environment variables dynamically
  • Running TestNG Batch files
  • Triggering Jenkins build on Page Object Test cases.
Automation process Reviews
  • Peer Review
  • Code Reviews
  • String Test
  • Pust the code into version control system.
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The Course Duration is 15 Days Daily 1 hr 30 mins
  • Test Automation Expert|Experienced Testing professional Software testing
  • Software professional with 10+ years of core expertise on Automation, Manual, API, performance testingandMobile application testing
  • Experience in Corporate,Online& Class room trainings.
  • Experienced in Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid & Selenium IDE
  • Plan, Design, Build and Maintain Complex Test Automation Frameworks(Data– Driven,Keyword,Hybrid,POM with Page factory)
  • Selenium Automation using Web Driver and Server. Programming using Java, TestNg, Junit
  • Peformance testing with Jmeter.
  • API level testing using Junit, JMUnit.
  • Mobile Application Testing on Android, IOS and Brew
  • Mobile Application testing with Robotium

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1:- What topics are covered in the Automation Framework training course?

Answer:- Here are some of the topics included in our Automation Framework training course.

  • Different types of testing frameworks
  • Data driven framework
  • Keyword framework
  • Testing methods
  • Reviews on automation processes
  • POM

2:- Who will be the trainers?

Answer:- We have outstanding experts certified and highly experienced in the Automation Framework. They enable the best coaching and inspirational instructor-led training to make the trainees perfect in this field.

3:- What can I do if I do not understand a topic well?

Answer:- . Our instructors are efficient in providing individual care. If you do not pertain the right understanding of a topic during training, then you can repeat that particular class if you are a classroom trainee or you will be provided a recorded video if you are an online trainee. If possible, we can also arrange one-to-one session for curious query clarifications.

4:- What will be the future for fresh graduates going through this Automation Framework training course?

Answer:- Fresh-graduates mostly opt for the testing opportunities in many companies. Though you do not have much experience, upon completing this course, your testing skills will be ultimately improved. Lots of job opportunities are available with respect to automated testing. So, you have a bunch of options to get fit in reputed MNCs. You can play a very good role in the QA team.

5:- I am not from Computer Science background, am I eligible for Automation Framework training?

Answer:- It is only the interest that matters. Even if you are not from Computer Science background, you can avail this training. However, it is recommended to have knowledge on certain basic programming languages.

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