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salesforce Development

About Course

Salesforce Developer training and certification in Hyderabad, India

Nowadays, many organizations are running through advanced cloud computing platform of salesforce. Also, there are huge job oppurtunities related to salesforce as per the needs of businesses. Salesforce development is, in fact, one of the significant courses among the courses related to salesforce. You can reach Capital Info Solutions to get the best Salesforce Development Training in Hyderabad.

As you know, salesforce, with its cloud computing applications, improves organizational performance with respect to market, management, customer support, data validation, debugging, and so on. As per the word, salesforce development is the term which includes developing cloud-based applications through the platform of salesforce.

Let's know the action of salesforce first to understand the requirement of learning salesforce development. Firstly, the salesforce application gets information or requests from the clients through the Visualforce. Then comes the role of the application logic layer to which the information is passed on to. This approach includes Apex platform. Later, based on the requirement, changes are made in the databases. This application logic can be directly accessed with the help of web services of salesforce.

So, salesforce developers develop customized software based on the requirements of the enterprise. Based on the different models such as user interface, business logic, and data model; the applications are developed in declarative and programmatic approaches. Different concepts of Visualforce, Apex, Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) and Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL), classes and methods, triggers, exceptional handling and so on are involved in salesforce development. It also adds the testing considerations through the concepts of salesforce user interface, visualforce standard set controller or SOAP API.

Development of functionality in a sandbox with Visualforce or Apex, customized applications of point-and-click capabilities, integration of APIs, new developments for effective program execution, and testing and deployment are the main roles of a software developer. Join Capital Info Solutions and get Salesforce development training as well as certification and grab remarkable job opurtunities with attractive package as well.


Graduates and professionals of any background can learn salesforce development as the applications of salesforce is not restricted to one particular industry. However, here is a list of people who can get trained in salesforce development.

  • Marketing and sales professionals
  • Architects and designers
  • Project managers
  • Software developers
  • One who get trained in other Salesforce related courses

Anyone who have knowledge in JAVA, C++, C#, PHP, AngularJS, and SQL can easily get Salesforce development training and enter into the advanced bright career of Salesforce.

Course Outline

  • Enable Developing mode
  • over View about Developer Console
  • Installing Eclipse
  • Overview about using eclipse and options
  • Installing ant and Maven in the eclipse
OOPS(Object-oriented programming)
  • MVC Architecture
  • Comparision of MVC to APPS
  • OOPS Basics
  • Lexical
  • Tokens
  • Identifiers
  • Varaibles
  • Data Types
  • Methods
  • Access Modifiers
  • Comparission between Method/Function and Procedure
  • Classes
  • 1. Creation of Variables
  • Getter Methods
  • Setter Methods
  • Creation of Methods
  • with Sharing
  • With Out Sharing
  • Creation of Objects
  • Reference Variables
  • Constructors
  • Class Scope
  • Static Variables
  • Static Methods
  • Static Blocks
  • Final Variables
  • Final Static Variables
  • Arrays
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Arrays
  • Collections
  • List Class and Method
  • Set Class and Methods
  • Select Option Class
  • SOQL ( Object Query Language)
  • Group By/li>
  • Having
  • Limit
  • Offset
  • Update Lock
  • Parent to Child object Query
  • Child to Parent object Query
  • Aggregate Result
  • Compression of Database. Query and static query
  • Governing limits for SOQL
  • DML operations
  • Database. DML operations
  • Compression of DML with Database.DML
  • Database. Save Point
  • Database. Rollback operations
  • Inheritance in Class
  • Overriding classes
  • Working with workbench
  • .Writing a test classes
  • SOQl Governing limit
  • DML governing limit
  • DML on No . of records
  • Future Methods
  • Setup Objects
  • Non Setup Objects
  • Mixed DML exception
  • AsyncApexJob class
  • Batch Apex
  • Custom Iterable Class
  • Database.QueryLocator
  • Start Method
  • executeMethod
  • finshMethod
  • Database.BatchableContext
  • Implementing Database.Stateful Interface
  • Calling Future Methods
  • Creating a future methods in a batch
  • Invoking callouts from Batch apex
  • Implementing Database.AllowCallouts
  • Calling batch with in a batch
  • Handling exceptions in batch apex
  • Sending email from finish
  • Invoking another batch from Batch
  • Serializing Batch apex
Email Services
  • Outbound Email Services
  • Single Email Message
  • Sending Pdf attachment
  • Sending Email Template
  • Attaching VF page as an attachment
  • Attaching the Email to activities/li>
  • Creating a PDF from future methods
  • Mass Email Message
Governing Limits
Inbound Email Service
  • Creating Inbound Email Handlers
  • Creating Inbound Email Service
  • Creating a lead based on inbound email
  • nvoke a batch apex based on Inbound
Schedule Apex
  • Implementing Schedule Apex
  • Cron Trigger
  • Invoking Batch Apex
  • Invoking Future Methods from Schedule Apex
  • Invoking the Callouts from Schedule Apex
  • Sending Email from Schedule Apex
  • Test Classes
  • Governing Limits
  • Trigger Events
  • Trigger Context variables
  • Insert Triggers
  • Trigger. New in before insert and after Insert .
  • DML in before insert and after Insert.
  • System validation and before Insert Trigger Combination.
  • System validation and Before Insert and custom validations.
  • System validation and Before Insert, Custom validation and after Insert trigger Combination.
  • System Validation, Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert, Assignment Rule Combination.
  • System Validation, Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert, Assignment Rule, Auto Response Combination
  • System Validation, Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert, Assignment Rule, Auto Response, workflow Combination.
  • System Validation, Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert, Assignment Rule, Auto Response workflow 1, workflow rule 2 Combination
  • System Validation, Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert, Assignment Rule, Auto Response workflow 1, workflow rule 2, Rollup summary combination.
  • System Validation ,Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert ,Assignment Rule, Auto Response workflow 1, workflow rule 2 ,Rollup ,Formulas combination.
Update Triggers
  • Trigger.Old
  • Trigger.OldMap
  • Trigger.New
  • Triger.NewMap
  • Recursive trigger
  • Trigger handlers
  • Trigger’s on Parent Child objects
Delete Triggers
  • Trigger. Old
  • Trigger. OldMap
Undlete Triggers
  • Trigger. New
  • Trigger. New Map
  • Invoking Batch Apex from Triggers
  • Invoking Schedule Apex from Triggers
  • Invoking Email’s from Triggers
  • Invoking future Methods from Triggers
  • Invoking Callouts from Triggers
  • Invoking apex classes from Triggers
  • Dataloader with Triggers
  • Test Classes


1:- Can I know about the training instructors?

Answer:- The training instructors are Salesforce professional mastery with more than 10+ years of experience. They are real-time Salesforce experts providing efficient training courses.

2:- Do you provide training for Salesforce Administration and Salesforce Development in this course?

Answer:- Yes, we provide training in Salesforce Administration and Salesforce Development modules within the Salesforce training course.

3:- What are the topics covered in Salesforce training?

Answer:- Different concepts of Salesforce administration, development, integration, and lightning are covered in the Salesforce training. Some of them include –

  • CRM concepts
  • Salesforce CRM administration
  • Sales Cloud and Service Cloud concepts
  • Managing Users
  • Apex
  • Visualforce
  • Triggers
  • Email Services
  • Web Services
  • JSON
  • APIs
  • Lightning Components and Resources
  • Lightning Experience.

4:- What can I learn through Salesforce training?

Answer:- You learn to navigate through the Salesforce platform, use its different cloud services, and develop new apps on your own. Learning different concepts of Salesforce in the training helps you to work easily in any company.

5:- I do not have any programming knowledge. Can I go for Salesforce training?

Answer:- Of Course, no programming knowledge is essential to learn Salesforce. Guys from any educational background are eligible for Salesforce training.

6:- Why should I prefer Salesforce training?

Answer:- You have many reasons to take Salesforce training.

1. While Salesforce is the popular platform used nowadays by many companies, getting trained in Salesforce helps you to move your work smoothly anywhere.

2. Salesforce administration, development, lightning, and integration are open for technical and non-technical guys – lots of job opportunities are available in the Salesforce ecosystem.

3. Salesforce training enables you to setup and configure the Salesforce CRM. You can also maintain with suitable customizations. It helps you in career progress.

4. You can easily understand the real-time business scenarios on how Salesforce is used for deriving insightful solutions.

5. Attractive salary packages too are associated with Salesforce jobs.

7:- Is Salesforce training expensive?

Answer:- Salesforce training seems to be expensive for many. However, our training center provides it in much affordable ranges. Moreover, it is the best investment option, because, once you get a Salesforce job, you can draw higher salaries associated with it. This training investment, therefore, brings much more fruits in future.

8:- Is it necessary to be from technical background to be a Salesforce Consultant?

Answer:- It is not required or mandatory to be from technical background to be a Salesforce Consultant. However, it is recommended to avail experience in Salesforce Administration and Salesforce Development to become a Salesforce Consultant.

9:- Which platform do we use in Salesforce?

Answer:- platform of Force.com is used in Salesforce


I did salesforce crm in capital info solutions. Satish Myla is excellent faculty he has given 300 live scenarios for practice. Here we receive 3 years of the experience level of the subject. I strongly recommended capital info solutions.

- Gudipati lakshmisubbarao

I complete the online training in capital info solutions. The faculty is excellent to teach the Salesforce CRM. His methodologies are very good to understand and admin staff also very helpful when I call from New York and the response is good.

- Koteswara Rao

Satish is the best salesforce instructor. He has a very strong background with other technologies made him a unique. His knowledge of other technologies is amazing. Top of all above he is a great human being with a wonderful kind heart. I wishing him all the success would come in whatever he does.

- Shravani Atmakoori

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