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How is Salesforce Lightning the Best App Development Platform?

Rapid growth of extensive technological developments have been showing a great impact on the industrial market trends in this generation. Consequently, businesses have been smoothly running through specialized apps. Many cloud providers have been coming front today to develop various business apps. The popular cloud platform of Salesforce, through its outstanding lightning and other advanced features, is one of the best among the many cloud app providers. Magic Quadrant report in 2017 by Gartner considers Salesforce as a leader of the Mobile App Development Platforms (MADP). Here is a brief note on how Salesforce lightning serves as the best app development platform.

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce lightning includes an excellent component-based framework which is engaged in app development. It works through Salesforce.com with an intention to ease and simplify the business processes – it enables technical and non-technical people to navigate and implement Salesforce applications in a more productive manner. Salesforce lightning experience, Salesforce app builder, design system, and lightning connect are some of the features of Salesforce lightning that play an important role in developing business apps that run on mobile and desktops. They show a graceful development of businesses – provide innovative services, increase business revenues and expand businesses overseas.

Salesforce Lightning Enables Faster Development of Mobile Business Apps

 salesforce lighting app

Nowadays, businesses are effectively run on mobiles – it allows one to carry on the business operations through mobile anywhere. Salesforce lightning ensures mobile app development in a faster and accurate way. These apps are helpful in many ways –

  • The apps make employees more productive.

  • The business apps ensure effective customer interactions and services.

  • Advanced mobile apps can improvise various operations of Field Ops, HR, Retail, Operations, IT and other important segments.

With the help of Salesforce Lightning Platform, better cloud applications are developed which are secure and scalable. Faster out-of-the-box experience is evident with these apps. They also include specialized tools and services which automate the business processes avoiding heavy manual work. They also enable feasible and flexible integrations with other applications. Prominent mobile experiences can be delivered through Salesforce Lightning.

An assorted cloud features of Salesforce lightning together elevate its ranking in designing business apps – here are given some of them to know how it is the best app development platform.

Salesforce App Builder

Salesforce App Builder is a specialized lightning feature which includes drag and drop capabilities – this can facilitate anyone to create apps as per the necessary customizations. It means that any professional with non-technical background can also utilize Salesforce App Builder and develop new apps without IT support. It ensures to design and develop successful business apps which help in streamlining the internal processes – the App Builder includes advanced features which help in designing the apps by keeping in mind various attributes like user interface, business logic and security considerations.

Salesforce Einstein for Personalized Apps

 Salesforce Einstein for Personalized Apps

Artificial intelligence tools are integrated into the Salesforce lightning features to power the app performance. myEinstein tool of Salesforce helps developers and administrators to build smarter apps with customized AI tools. It comprises of Einstein Language and Einstein Vision which propose building AI-powered CRM apps. Various processes of automatically route leads, escalating service cases, and personalizing marketing campaigns can be improvised through customized apps with these features.

No-Code Builders

Salesforce lightning platform supports building apps which do not need any code builders. Simple click and drag facilities enable anyone to create, use, access and manage business apps needed for a company. myLightning tools of the Salesforce platform help in creating apps that increase the brand of your employee experience. Customized digital experiences are made faster with Salesforce lightning, Process Builder and Lightning Flow.

Pro-Code Tools

Specific pro-code tools of Salesforce give a modern software development experience – they provide innovative designs and features for business apps. An open and integrated experience, Salesforce DX, is the prominent feature which enables the developers to easily build apps collaboratively and continuously on the Salesforce platform. Special agile development models are involved in it which enable high-performance. Salesforce Command Line Interface (CLI), Scratch Orgs, and source-driven development are some of the popular modes of Salesforce lightning that enhance customized app development.



Amazing customer experiences are possible with building of Salesforce apps on Heroku – mobile and web apps are developed with various open source languages including Python, Ruby, Node.js, and Java. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be enhanced with Heroku based web and mobile apps to improvise the business processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and deliver sales and service insights.

App Exchange – The Best Cloud Marketplace

Thousands of business apps are dealt with App Exchange – many are integrated with Salesforce. It is an outstanding ecosystem which includes apps ranging from sales and services to ERP. App Exchange is the best marketplace where business apps developed on Salesforce platform can be sold and marketed. Among the many options, one can choose the right business apps that are suitable and matched well with the business requirements. In addition to the apps, Salesforce App Exchange helps in finding components and consulting partners.


mySalesforce is the other technological cloud feature of Salesforce platform for providing customized mobile apps which can continuously improve the user experience. It has a great role in developing apps for various departments including sales, service, HR, finance and operations.

Furthermore, in addition to the above features, myTrailhead and certain other Lightning External Apps also aid in improving the app building and performance.

Salesforce, therefore, serves as the best app development platform to better the business operations, plans and standards. It has become the prominent choice for business organizations of small, medium and large sizes. Affordable and simple usage of Salesforce lightning platform promote business users of varied industries to use it and get successful results.