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Salesforce makes business processes much efficient. It is an extensive platform that is essentially important for various business segments including sales, marketing, HR, analysis, etc. Many best Salesforce tools enable a smooth flow of business operations. Ranging from entry-level professionals to experienced professionals – anyone can handle these tools, play with them, and derive insightful business solutions. Here is a brief note on the top Salesforce tools which are the best means for various business processes.

Salesforce Tools – Best Means for Business Processes

Salesforce CRM platform is the world’s # 1 cloud CRM platform used by more than 150,000 companies. Its architectural features and tools make the users to easily navigate and cherish significant derivations. They are the best means for improving business processes – they enhance simple and complex business operations easily.

You need not worry about designing or finding special tools to carry on certain important activities. Salesforce tools are intended for many exercises like emails, content management, marketing, automation, etc.

Top Salesforce Tools

There are many Salesforce tools that are being used by professionals for business development. However, here are given some of the most common ones used by a majority of individuals to derive successful operations.

top salesforce tools

• Ambition – A Salesforce Analytic Tool

Ambition is a Salesforce analytic tool that is used for companies that use multiple platforms for data collection. It integrates well with the Salesforce and also other third-party systems. So, it easily enables taking different forms of data for analysis.

It is the best tool useful for sales management people. It helps the sales team to retrieve real-time data from phone systems, Salesforce, and other data sources. It is the best Salesforce tool to set timely benchmarks for standard and custom Salesforce objects. With this, the sales representatives can easily and automatically get the updates. The Salesforce data metrics is, therefore, enhanced with Ambition.

• Cirrus Insight – The Best Sync with Gmail

Cirrus Insight is an outstanding tool useful for one and all. If you wish Salesforce and Gmail, then Cirrus Insight helps in syncing the email, calendar, and Salesforce accounts. This tool enables to make sure that every email prospect is known and followed up through Salesforce.com.

This marvelous tool is user-friendly and any user can easily catch up its features and adopt it for the required services. Salesforce consistently upgrades its features and functionalities. So, you can easily and gradually use the advanced features for enhanced purposes.

• Clearbit – Data Management Aid

Data management is the ultimate mandatory prospect for every company. Salesforce users can carry on the data management dealings without any hassles with the tool called Clearbit. It helps to verify and anticipate contact information, company information, social information, etc. of the Salesforce CRM account.

Manual tasks may often give out errors. However, this spectacular Salesforce tool needs the only minimum manual task. It can screen your customers’ profile and let you know which is ideal for you. It also gives an outlook on the clients and helps you get an idea on which ones’ to proceed. An interesting feature of this data management tool is that it can integrate with Gmail, Slack, and Drift. Thereby, it can enhance providing insightful options required for the business.

• Drift – A Communication Tool

It is intended for outstanding communication. It is developed by former HubSpot leaders – it has the best features like chat UIs, lead capture, forms, and lead enrichment. This helps in integrating well with Salesforce. With the frequent engagement of your company prospects on the website, then you can use Drift. It helps you track and collect the data from the conversations within the Salesforce.

• Engagio – Aids in Sales and Marketing

Engagio is one of the top Salesforce tools used for sales and marketing development. It helps to manage the accounts in the sales and marketing teams. It gives insights, playbooks, synchronized analysis, etc. essential for the customer-based activities. It is very much useful for small and medium enterprises.

• Pardot – The Best Marketing Automation Tool

It is an automation tool of Salesforce used for enhancing marketing strategies and approaches. It is instinctive with advanced automation means that are used for direct help in exceeding the revenue goals. It assures the best alignment of the sales and marketing teams. It enables you to make use of the existing substantial resources for marketing. There are even other Salesforce Automation tools like Marketo, HubSpot, SalesGenius, and so on for marketing improvement.

• Gong – Call recording Assistance

Call recording assistance is also essential for businesses in certain instances. Gong is a software tool that has the best sync with Salesforce.com. It is most beneficial for sales teams while using the phone systems and web conferencing platforms. With this, you can record, store, and analyze the concerned conversations. It provides certain derivations like the impact of the language, insights of the prospects, etc.

• Guru – Content Management Tool

Content management can be bothersome for users without this spectacular tool. For instance, salespeople can use this tool for adding content to the cards, organize the sales, and find better reps. Upon the action of any business process, the required content can be used, stored, and analyzed with the help of this tool.

• HelloSign for eSignature

It is an eSignature tool used in Salesforce. It can give notifications and support in updating the opportunity stages in the sales pipeline. In conjunction with Slack and other communication tools, it enhances the notification provisions.

• Prezi for Sales Activities

Sales presentations and decks have got a prominent role in enterprises. But, what if you want to track the presentations and note their impact? Here comes the role of Prezi which is a Salesforce tool. It gives the note of the presentations through prospect clicks, view time, and so on.

• Tenfold for Call Centers

Observing the caller data for inbound and outbound calls is easy with Tenfold. It is useful for Salesforce users of any business teams to make track of the calls. This will be helpful for gathering information, analysis, insights, and reports.

Though these are the popular Salesforce tools used nowadays by most of the companies, there are even many others. However, effective utilization of Salesforce tools makes the organizations to acquire the best results. Once you get Salesforce training and start using the Salesforce platform, then you will understand how these top Salesforce tools are beneficial. So, get to know about them and start using for your own business benefits.